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biological bacterial manure

Bioorganic fertilizer 20KG- powder

Component:The organic matter content is more than 70%, more than 800 million of Bacillus subtilis /g

Product features:

The product yield, disease resistance, pest control, anti cropping, multiple functions of detoxification in one, with a national exemption to strengthen microbial strains, toosendanin as anthelmintic and nitrogen nitrification inhibitor, blending with abundant organic raw materials contain organic matter and animal protein. Such as: soybean meal, bone meal, silkworm excrement, trace elements N, P, K and calcium, magnesium, boron and other reasonable add, after high temperature fermentation, compost and is added to the soil organic matter, soil purification environment, reduce crop cropping obstacle and promote ideal fertilizer high-yield crops.

[functional characteristics]

High organic matter, high protein, rich in calcium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, boron, zinc, manganese and other trace elements and active enzymes, long fat, nutrient foot.

The beneficial bacteria groups can effectively solve phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fixation, improve the utilization of nutrient, and form protective barriers around the roots of crops to effectively reduce soil borne diseases.

Loose soil purification, degradation of pesticide residues and salt toxicity, anti cropping, anti dead trees and promoting early maturing, provided quality, increase production effect is good.

[applicable crops]

Various field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, beans, melon, cotton, onion, ginger and garlic, potato, yam, tobacco, peanuts, flowers, Chinese herbal medicine and so on.